A laboratory fume hood is a five-sided enclosure designed to contain and exhaust fumes and odors generated during laboratory procedures.Access to the fume hood interior is via a movable transparent panel called a sash.

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  • laboratory exhaust hood Fume Cupboard
  • laboratory exhaust hood Fume Cupboard
  • laboratory exhaust hood Fume Cupboard

laboratory exhaust hood Fume Cupboard

  • 1200(W)*850(D)*2350(L) mm;:

  • 1500(W)*850(D)*2350(L) mm;:

  • 1800(W)*850(D)*2350 (L) mm.:

  • Product description:

    laboratory exhaust hood Fume Hood Made of 1.2mm thick galvanized steel coated with epoxy resin powder. Sash :6mm of tempered glass. Sash Handle :2mm Cold-rolled steel powered with epoxy coating. Illumination:with not less than 300 Lux 30W fluorescent lamp

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Laboratory Exhaust Hood Fume Cupboard



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