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Professional design, high quality product, perfect installation. Became Alibaba Top Rank & Golden Laboratory Furniture Supplier since 2014. Stand in the perspective of the customer to consider all details, provide the best service and try our best to reduce customer’s costs. Be efficient to reply all message so that to save customer’s valuable time.

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With more than 18 years experience in production & domestic lab projects management and 5 years foreign lab projects management, also already built our lab projects for more than 40 different countries and area

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Leading Manufacturer and exporter in lab furniture industry, sale to Europe, Africa, Middle East, North America, South America and Ocenian. Strategy Partners in Italy, Pakistan and Bangladesh.


The SEFA Executive Member from 2014, passed the SEFA 8M-2016 Laboratory Grade Metal Casework testing by SGS company & carry the SEFA 8M-2016 standard in our metal casework in our production to meet high quality.

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