Laboratory fittings brass body epoxy resin coating hot cold water mixing faucet water tap, high quality in details, be widely used for different types laboratory.

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  • Triple-way Brass Faucet Lab Tap
  • Triple-way Brass Faucet Lab Tap

Triple-way Brass Faucet Lab Tap

  • Model Number:

  • Parent metal:

  • Sealing:

  • Weight:

  • Lubricant:

    Silicone resin
  • Product description:

    Laboratory fittings brass body epoxy resin coating hot cold water mixing faucet water tap.

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  • Details
Product name Triple way water faucet lab tap
Parent metal Brass
Sealing NBR
Weight 2.2kg
Lubricant Silicone resin
Solder Ag 55:Sn
Spool Ceramics
Surface treatment Epoxide resin electrostatic power spraying good chemical resisdence
Surface coating color High gloss white
Maximum working pressure 10 bar / 147 psi

Triple-way faucet. A1027

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